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About HW Consulting Group

Your Healthcare Contracting Partner

HW Consulting Group, a southern California-based healthcare consulting firm, develops and implements strategic business opportunities.  A major focus for our clients lies in credentialing and contracting with health plans, be they commercial, Medicaid or Medicare Advantage plans. Launched almost two decades by healthcare veteran Hal Wurtzel, we’ve provided consulting support to more than 200 healthcare companies.

A Fresh Look at Your Business

An outsider survey of your company can identify untapped or underproducing opportunities. We’ll challenge current market space with ideas for new and profitable programs. Then, we’ll craft successful strategies to deliver solutions for short- and long-term business growth.

Identify New Business Opportunities

We interview and screen potential new clients. This due diligence helps determine if current goals are realistic and achievable. This process also identifies client strengths and weaknesses, thereby allowing us to steer clients toward new opportunities for growth.

Results Driven by Strategies and Partnerships

HW Consulting Group is focused on business strategies and activities that result in additional revenue sources.  All HW Consulting Group staff members have substantial experience in a broad range of specialties and are assigned to projects based on experience and expertise. Among the specialties include all facets of behavioral health and substance abuse, ambulatory surgery centers and laboratories.

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