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Health Plan/Payor Contracting

Managed care is a specialty of HW Consulting Group.  We’ve worked with payors of all the major health plans and smaller regional carriers. While we know the players, it is equally important that we understand how to negotiate the best terms for our clients.

We’ve used our expertise to successfully negotiate hundreds of contracts for hospitals, surgery centers, substance abuse, and mental health programs, as well as other specialties. And, our client services always include a thorough review of contracts for terms and conditions.

Our payor contracting staff is highly skilled in the following:

  • Identification of contract opportunities
  • Pricing of contracts
  • Review of contract language
  • Assistance with plan negotiations

Since we work very closely with the health plans, IPAs, and medical groups, we understand their individual requirements. These strong working relationships result in the best possible contract for our clients.

Facility and Program Licensing

HW Consulting Group has extensive experience in the licensing and certification of specialty facilities and programs in California, especially in the areas of behavioral health, eating disorders, and chemical dependency. We identify the best options for our clients, such as licensing, pulling permits at the local government level, and applying for licensure with state agencies.

Over the years, we have forged very strong relations with governmental entities and know what they require to produce a timely and effective review of applications for licensing and use permits.

Consequently, our staff is extremely familiar with key sections of the California Code of Regulations, particularly those that contain regulations regarding standards for licensing, basic services, special permits, and administration of health care facilities.

Business Development Initiatives

HW Consulting Group conducts a variety of strategic planning and business development activities, especially in the areas of:

  • Managed care contracting
  • IPA and network development
  • Medicare and Medicaid growth strategies
  • Program and business development strategies for substance abuse, mental health, and senior care organizations
  • Venture feasibility studies

We have the tools and systems to better position your company for growth and achieving its operational, financial, and management objectives.  Strategic thinking is vital, and we are adept at helping organizations strengthen their capacity for thinking conceptually, imaginatively, systematically, and opportunistically

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